Republicans see Isenhour’s replacement of McGinty as a positive development

Shortly after Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday formally announced the resignation of his Chief of Staff, Katie McGinty, and announced Secretary of Legislative Affairs Mary Isenhour as her replacement, Republicans praised the move as a positive development in terms of ongoing budget negotiations.

“Mary Isenhour is a great pick and probably should have been his pick from the beginning,” said House GOP spokesperson Steve Miskin. “It’ll be good to have someone who actually factors in these meetings.”

Miskin praised Isenhour’s consistent efforts to work with members of the legislature and listening to their concerns in an attempt to work through issues.

Senate Republicans were of the same opinion.

“We view it as a positive,” said Senate Republican spokesperson Jenn Kocher. “There’s a lot of respect for Mary and Mary’s ability to carry forward the governor’s agenda as opposed to her own agenda."

Thursday, July 23, 2015/Author: Jason Gottesman
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McGinty fires back at natural gas industry’s “distractions and distortions” over severance tax

During Monday’s Pennsylvania Press Club luncheon, Gov. Tom Wolf’s chief of staff, Katie McGinty, took issue with what she called “distractions and distortions” proffered by the natural gas industry in opposition to the natural gas severance tax proposed by Gov. Wolf.

She particularly took issue with claims made by the industry that the severance tax would not be profitable due to the low price of natural gas and the tax would unfairly hurt the industry’s ability to thrive in Pennsylvania by hurting profits.

Monday, May 18, 2015/Author: Jason Gottesman
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Led by Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Katie McGinty, a group of Democrats held a news conference Wednesday to call for a total ban on gifts to legislators.

“I’m here to call for an absolute, total, no asterisk, no footnote, gift ban,” McGinty stated.

She argued the current lack of government trust among the public requires current loopholes to be closed.

“What we are proposing here is not a radical new thought,” McGinty claimed. “Pennsylvania should join the 40 other states that essentially have an absolute gift ban.”

She noted any plan should leave no question as to what’s right or what’s wrong and give the public confidence again that state government is working for them.

She said any plan should include exemptions for gifts by friends and family and be aimed toward prohibiting gifts from those who have business before the state.

“People still have their personal lives. I’m not speaking here about their personal lives,” she said.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014/Author: The PLS Reporter
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